Other Bands & Projects


Jonas Kullhammar – sax, Håvard Stubø – guitar, Steinar Nickelsen – Hammond B3, Magnus Forsberg – drums.

JUPITER was formed back in 2001, when Håvard Stubø and Steinar Nickelsen were both studying at “Jazzlinja” in Trondheim. Since then, the band has played more than 200 gigs, mostly in Scandinavia, but also abroad, including several tours in China. The band started out as a trio, releasing the critically acclaimed debut album Ignition for the Norwegian label AIM in 2005. After Swedish saxplayer Jonas Kullhammar joined the band in 2006, we´ve released three more albums: Live at Glenn Miller Café (AIM2006) ,  III² (Bolage, double album, 2007), and Atlantis Bolage 2012). In 2017, Swedish drummer Johan Holmegård (Dungen, Goran Kajfes Subtropic Archestra) joined the band, and  You´ll find some music under, well, music.  Some opinions about III²:

“The coolest, freshest jazz record I´ve heard in a very long time (…) it doesn´t get any better than this” Lennart Persson (SE), for ABC Nyheter

“I feel young again!” Mads Palmquist, Lira

“A rompingly groovy little group.” Dusty Groove (US)

Jazz & Fly Fishing

Håvard Stubø – guitar, Joona Toivanen – piano, Tapani Toivanen – bass, Fredrik Hamrå – drums

You´ll find out all you need to know (and then some) about this massive music/film/lifestyle project on our popular blog/website www.jazzandflyfishing.com.


Håvard Stubø – guitar, Daniel Franck – bass, Håkon Mjåset Johansen – drums

Wes Montgomery (1925 – 1968) is probably the most influential guitarist in jazz history, and Montgomery’s legendary recordings from the 50s and 60s have been a source of
fascination and inspiration for generations of young jazz musicians. Daniel Franck, Håkon Mjåset Johansen and I decided to form a new trio based exclusively on the music of Wes Montgomery, and in 2008, we released a critically acclaimed album called Wes! You´ll find some videos and sounds here on the site.

Håvard Stubø/Jørn Øien Duo

This brand new duo explores the underrated guitar/piano duo format. Jørn Øien is arguably one of Scandinavia´s finest jazz pianists, and to work with him in the wide open duo format is a treat – very challenging yet highly rewarding. We plan to travel and record in the near future, but meanwhile you´ll find a couple of live tracks here on the site.

Håvard Stubø Trio

New trio with Torstein Lofthus on drums and Daniel Formo on organ that explores well known pop/rock tunes in a groovy jazz/funk setting.


In addition to these bands, I have several interesting, new bands and projects coming up in the near future. I´ll let you know!

Some records:

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