I am a jazz guitar player from Norway. I was born in Narvik, Norway in 1977, and I started playing the guitar when I was twelve. In my teens, I played with several local rock bands in Narvik, most notably a band called Magnet.

However, the rigid structure of rock music wasn´t for me. I was drawn towards the freedom of expression that jazz music offers, freely, and coming from a family of jazz musicians, it was a natural step for me to start learning how to play jazz. After studying philosophy and English language at the university for a couple of years, I decided to focus my energy on making music. In 2000, I auditioned for the jazz program at NTNU in Trondheim, Norway –  the infamous Jazzlinja. Somehow I got accepted, and since then, music is what I´ve been doing. I 2010-12 I also took a master´s degree in performing jazz at the Norwegian College of Music (NMH).

Throughout my 21-year career as a jazz musician, I´ve been fortunate enough to play with lots of really talented musicians. People like Tomasz Stanko, Jimmy Owens, Arve Henriksen, Olavi Luohivuori, among others. But for me, the most rewarding experience has been to work regularly with bands over some period of time. That´s when the music really develops.

I´ve released ten albums as a leader/co-leader so far: Håvard Stubø Quartet Kautokeino Undercover (Bolage 2020), Håvard Stubø Quartet Vilhelmina (Bolage 2014)Håvard Stubø Quartet Spring Roll Insomnia (Bolage 2011), Jazz & Fly Fishing Slow Walking Water (Bolage 2011), Håvard Stubø Quartet Way Up (Way Down) (Bolage 2009), Håvard Stubø/Daniel Franck/Håkon Mjåset Johansen Wes! (Bolage 2008), JUPITER Atlantis (Bolage 2012) JUPITER feat. Jonas Kullhammar III² (Bolage 2007), JUPITER feat Jonas Kullhammar Live at Glenn Miller Café (AIM Records 2006), JUPITER Ignition (AIM Records 2005)

Some years ago, I started a record label called Bolage together with my friend Tord Krogtoft. We´ve released 22 albums so far.

Questions/booking? Send me an e-mail at stuboe(a)

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