Håvard Stubø/Jørn Øien Duo Live in Oslo

A couple of songs from this new duo´s debut consert in May 2012. I´m really excited about this project and plan to travel and record with in the near future.

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The Trondheim Sessions


Live recording session at Antikvariatet, Trondheim on January 17th and 18th, 20.00 both days.

The usual suspects + Swedish saxophone phenomenon Jonas Kullhammar. This is gonna be so much fun, so be there if you can!

If we manage to record some good music (and I have a feeling we might), the album will be out during 2012.

Here´s the poster:

B There!

Brand New Website!


Yep, this is my brand new website! It still isn´t 100% done, but it´s getting there fast. If you click around a bit, you should be able to find music, videos, bio, info and pics, as well as some strange stuff.

For this grand opening, I have prepared a special treat for you: a brand new video from Håvard Stubø Quartet´s Japan tour. Enjoy (and be sure to click 720p on the player)!

Music: Ringormens Vals (T. Zetterberg) from Håvard Stubø Quartet Spring Roll Insomnia BLGCD016


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